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    Today i got my labret peirced, i am worried because i have a ring. The peircer who peirced me did not tell me that, when you have a ring it is more easily infected, actually she didnt tell me anything. Also the ring is to big, incase of swelling, but it will not stay still it moves to the side, my friend told me that if it keeps moving to the side and is played with it may rip my lip. Is this tue?
    I am also worried about sleeping? will it rip during the night?
    I think i should go back and get a bar but i dont know how long i would have to leave it?
    Has anyone got any advice?


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    A lot of what you've said is urban myth and most likely, "my mates said that..." -

    Having a ring does not make it more easily infected, if anything a stud is worse because there is no to compensate for swelling.. The ring in my ear wont stay still, but im not worried about it ripping, you learn to get used to it. Probably the only way it would rip your lip is if it gets caught in your teeth then you jerk your jaw... Dont worry about sleeping, i sleep on my left side most of the time so im sleeping on my ear - you will learn to get used to it, but of course sleeping on it isnt recommended until its healed..

    A bar would probably be better for your gums. One of my mates had her lip pierced, i think she waited 3-4 weeks before changing the jewellery. (But i cant advise on that because im not sure whats the best time to wait...)

    I hope thats helped

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