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Thread: How long to leave a piercing before changing jewellery?

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    Default How long to leave a piercing before changing jewellery?

    Ive not long had my amp done and since they used a longer bar when first pierced it sometimes gets in the way of the skin, (if you know what i mean) How long do you have to leave a new piercing before i can order some jewellery that fit better and not have as much over hang?

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    Hmmm, well, I'm absolutely definitely sure that you should not get drunk and take it out five days after getting it to have sex with your ex-girlfriend.... :oops: That probably not helping, I was recommended that it should stay for six weeks before changing. But everyone knows that in the real world we don't do what we're told... If it really is causing a problem then probably go back and get it changed at your piercers. If not, leave it be. If you're going to ignore me anyway, try and change it as cleanly and neatly and quikly as possible. Oh, and remember you need some extra space for when you get hard!

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    Yeah you can usually get it sized down by your piercer afyer a couple of weeks. As for the sex thing, your fine to have sex when it feels ok for you. But remember it is still not healed yet so dont go swinging from it haha

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