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Thread: Cheaper Prices on Weights and Clamps.

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    Default Cheaper Prices on Weights and Clamps.

    We have been able to drop our prices on Steel Weights and Clamps! We can now offer you better prices for individual pieces and yet even better value when you buy two!

    Adult Sex Toys - Weights - Peardrop Weights

    Peardrop weights are wonderful accessories for nipples, guiches and other genital piercings.

    Adult Sex Toys - Weights - Strip Weights

    Strip Weights present a less daunting prospect for the wearer than any of the other weights offered, being significantly smaller in dimension and consequently lighter in weight.

    Adult Sex Toys - Enhanced Nipple Clamp

    Nipple Clamps provide an opportunity for sensual adornment for both the pierced and the un-pierced, but the visual and sensual effect is heightened when the nipples are pierced too.

    Jacqui xx
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