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Thread: can i be tattooed ??

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    Default can i be tattooed ??

    I was just wondering, as Iam quite skinny, and veiny on my arms can i still be tattooed on my arms ? i want a tattoo on the inside of my forearm, near my elbow, but as iam quite veiny i dont know if i can be ?

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    i would think that before you get tattooed you should decide what is is you want. so far you've posted 3 times, listing a star on your bicep, a design on the inside of your forearm and a huge piece that covers the whole part of your upper arm. all very cool but lots of hours and very expensive. spend some time choosing exactly what is is u want as, not meaning to state the obvious, this will be forever.
    in answer to your skinny arms question, i don't think this matters. many many skinny people have tattoos.

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    yep ypu can be tattoooed, the needle only goes into the spongy meosaphil of your skin, so you won't bleed to death. I am too very skinny and have masses of tattoos none of whihc have bled or hurt too much so far.
    amy x

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