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Thread: HELP! weird bump on nostril piercing??

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    Default HELP! weird bump on nostril piercing??

    I got my nostril piercing 7 months ago. It healed fine and I've never had problems from it until the past few months. This may sound gross but occasionally I get a bump just beside my piercing that puffs up with a mucus like substance. I usually have to prick it with a fine needle & let it drain. Then it heals & its fine till another pops up.
    I keep my piercing very clean. I have never changed my jewelry though since I got it put in. I do tend to get a runny/stuffy nose. Could that be the cause or could it be that I havent changed jewelry? This is my only piercing other than my ears so I'm not really sure. I love my piercing but am sick of getting this disgusting bump on it.
    Any info on what it could be or what I could do would be GREATLY appreciated!
    Thank you

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    Could be a Keloid but if you put Sudocream on it at night and wash off well in the morning itwill go away in no time (promise)
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    Wont be a keloid thats 100% for sure. You can try hot compress on it for a while or get some fucidin. Have a look here section 8, will give you a bit more info.

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