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    The gallery is broken up into various sections and subsections, so that you may post your photos in specific categories.

    There are several adult categories that will only show up when a user is logged into the gallery or the forum.... Nipple, genital etc.

    It is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE, that any adult are placed in the correct categories. Not only does this make it easier for people to navegate the gallery, but also protects the youngsters that visit our site.
    If adult pictures are placed in other sections, then a thumbnail of these images appears on the front page of the entire website.
    I'm sure there are people that would get a kick out of seeing their genitalia on the front page of, but I'm afraid it could get us into a lot of trouble.

    So... from this moment onward, anyone found posting adult pictures in incorrect categories, will have their photo library deleted and their account suspended.

    You have been warned.

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    Default BULLSHIT

    This is so many shades of bullshit I don't know where to begin.

    This term "ADULT" what does that mean? Why does a women's nipple qualify but a mans doesn't ? Why is a flaccid penis lumped in with an erect one? And although I know of no one who doesn't use there mouth during sex, it doesn't come under the "ADULT" category.

    This might seem like splitting hairs, but this is the worst sort of senatorship. Using an undefined obscure label to cover unqualified unjustified prejudice.

    The "I'm afraid it could get us into a lot of trouble." is complete rubbish. It is perfectly posable to register without coming across any waring about any "ADULT" content.

    The Piercing community is supposed to be an enlightened one. Do things for a good reason not because some loud mouthed idiots say too.

    Having said this, "Body Piercing Photo Gallery" is a privately owned website not a public resource, and it is there right to do whatever they like with it. However if they continue down this road I would strongly Urge anyone reading this to boycott this web sight.

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    You sir, are a complete and total IDIOT.
    A fool, the likes of which I have NEVER encountered... and I deal with a lot of rednecks... so that says a lot.

    Let me explain.

    Firstly, the word you're looking for is 'Censorship'.
    Secondly, there is NOTHING AT ALL WHATSOEVER IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, that is censored on this site.
    Access to the 'adult' material is very easily gained, simply by logging into the site... ANYONE can do that, there is no approval process...

    The reason that I, personally, enforce this rule is that... as mentioned before (you idiot), WE CAN GET INTO A LOT OF TROUBLE for having adult content on our front page...

    Let me substantiate that statement somewhat by explaining that we already HAVE got into a LOT of trouble for having adult content on our site... hense the bloody warning!!!!

    We are running a B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S... which relys on something we like to call 'revenue' in order to pay wages, server hosting costs, design and coding costs, oh... not to mention the hundreds of thousands of items of body piercing jewellery we have in our stock...

    If certain organisations, such as banks, customs and excise, inland revenue, payment service providers, internet service providers, and a few others; see what THEY (not us... they) deem as 'adult content' on the front page of our site... They shut us down.
    Simple as that. Gone.

    Let me be absolutely clear on this issue... these organisations, who DO in fact have power over websites in as much as they are able to refuse service and therefore cripple a site into closure, could not CARE LESS about us, or you, or anything at all in fact other than their own business image.... They will and in the past have, closed people down without a seconds thought.
    Trust me.... I know.

    So if you would be so kind as to get off of your completely uninformed, self-rightous high horse for a second, I'll go about banning the idiot that's just posted a picture of his penis on the front page of our BUSINESS website.

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    LOL :lol:

    Well said Gary! Well said indeed!

    Piercings: 16MM Lobe, 5MM PA.

    Retired Piercings: Lots, removed over 25 piercings in a momment of madness!


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    Default xxx

    lol :lol:

    sorry i find it amazin that sum1 an be so angry yet so rong lol

    like spike said well said Gary!

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    wow i really have no clue whats going on

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    :lol: after reading what asshat up there had to say, i almost thought it would destroy my day....but after reading what gary said, im just gonna walk around with a huge smile on my face :roll:
    if its got a front side and a back side, it was made for a hole

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    Piercings//Tongue,Labret. Tattooz//Scorpion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary View Post
    get off of your completely uninformed, self-rightous high horse for a second

    12mm lobe
    11mm lobe
    1.6mm tragus
    1.6mm labret
    star on elbow

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    november mate.. you got owned :P
    Current piercings:
    Left ear flesh tube 12mm, Left ear lobe 6mm, Right ear vertical transverse lobe 1.6mm, Right side lip 1.6mm, Right Nipple 1.6mm, Conch 1.6mm, Septum 2mm, Bottom Belly Button 1.6mm

    Microdermals on side of neck

    Surface piercings on stomach x4, Right Side Lip (redone), Left Side Lip

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