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    Default getting my first tattoo

    Well I know tattoos hurt, But what i was wondering was, Iam planning on getting an outline of a star, basically on the side of left arm, e.g bicep area. and I was wondering is this easyer than like say other body areas ?, and seeing as its just an outline for now, it shudn`t hurt too much shud it ?

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    I was told the outline was the most painful bit. After a few minutes your bodies natural pain killers kick in though and takes the edge off the pain.

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    that doesnt sound too bad then, and I spoke to my friend at college today who recently had one done, and he sed it was the outline that hurt the most, but becomes more like a dull pain, and the filling in, he said hurts alot less, but he said it did really hurt when he got it done on his shoulder blade,

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