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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragooness View Post
    Actually that wasent the planned tattoo, he hadent finished the art but was bored. The next is a arm peice... A beggining of a sleve! Of course it's also a dragon!

    Hope all goes well with your arm sleeve. I remember a couple of years ago I wanted an arm sleeve. Don't know what actually happened though as my arm is still not a sleeve and my legs are filling up fast. I had no plans to get any leg tattoo's.
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    Left side - Ear Lobes 1,2,3 Daith, Helix, Rook, Lower Conch.

    Right side -Ear Lobes 1,2,3 Daith, "Paw" print piercing on the flat of my ear, Tragus, Nostril, Helix and Eyebrow. "Shen Men" piercing, Triple Forward Helix.

    Retired - Right Eyebrow's x2. Left Double Tragus - sadly! :(

    Quite a few Tattoo's.

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