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Thread: 2 year old lip piercing suddenly starts hurting?

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    Default 2 year old lip piercing suddenly starts hurting?

    I got the corner of my mouth (lower lip) pierced in 2018. I previously had the opposite side pierced so I knew how to deal with it, the usual swelling for a week.

    Yesterday it started hurt for some odd reason, I rarely change the jewellery anyway, it starts hurting from the inside part of the lip. So last night before sleeping, I put it on backwards (so the barbell jewel is on the idside of my mouth and the metal flat part shows on the outside - Im not concerned about how it looks because I have to wear a mask in public anyway).

    Woke up this morning and the pain was still there, so I just removed the piercing and put it aside, and am spending the rest of the day without wearing it, but not for too long because my old one on the other closed after a short while.

    I don't understand why it suddenly started hurting, I've had it for over 2 years now and change it once in a while, only thing I could think of is because I wear a mask, but it's not even tight. I do not want to stop with this piercing though, could anyone suggest anything I could do to stop the swelling?
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    I'd leave it alone. In my personal experience, well healed and happy piercings sometimes just get grumpy for no reason and then settle down.

    My tongue piercings always cause me grief when I have a cold so it could be something like that for you?

    You could even have inadvertently knocked it, maybe in your sleep.

    It's been 4 days now - how is it now?
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