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Thread: Guiche piercing and body hair

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    I have been thinking about a guiche piercing for a few years.

    The questions I have is for those guys that like to shave that area, how long did you have to wait to get a thorough shave there and how easy it was after. I imagine to get the job done 100% it would be easier with the piercing removed, but I am sure thatís not an option for the first 6 months. So if so how thorough of a job were you able to do. I like a good clean shave down there every 3-5 days and done like the idea of a ring flopping around amongst a tuft of hair.

    I used to have a lorum piercing, but I took it out after a year as I was never able to comfortable shave the base of the penis there. I didnít like having some stray pubes close to the piercing. Although I was eventually able to remove the piercing to get a closer shave, it was still tender to shave around a year later and therefore I was never able to really get the job done to my satisfaction.

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    Hi davemeddows I know I am a woman and perhaps I shouldn't be so nosey but, no one else has replied. Could you look in to buying a women's bikini shaver instead? That cuts short as it should have different attachment's to it but not totally bald if you get what I mean? Please be very careful all if you go bald down there (this applies both to men and women) as you could start cysts off. (Hairs start to in grow and start problems off especially the bum area and you could end up in hospital having an operation - I know someone that has gone though it). Sorry, such a subject but I'm looking out for you all.
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