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Thread: Have 10g pa for 4 years, advice please

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    Default Have 10g pa for 4 years, advice please


    Time for me to move up!

    So if I take the 10g out after 4 years I'm guessing if I have a little trouble Putting an 8 in, the hole will not heal up?

    Secondly, after 4 years would the bigger jewellery slip in quite easily?

    Thanks in advance


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    I have no practical experience but I think you will be OK.
    I suspect you won't even need a taper although might be a good idea to have one.
    I'm sure there are plenty of experiences and advice on here you should have a read about.
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    I have been wearing a PA ring for several years and have stretched over time from 3.4mm (10g) to 6mm (2g) without using tapers. After 4 years I would think you’ll have no problem slipping an 8g ring into your piercing and might even be able to go larger.
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