hello. I had my bridge pierced roughly 3 months ago and I have developed what looks like could Be an irritation bump or a keloid scar around the one side of my piercing hole. Iím worried now more than ever since I canít contact my piercer due to all the stores being closed. As far as Iím aware, I have good jewellery in, however the bar does look like itís getting too long now that the swelling has gone down. The bump has been visible for quite some time as I did bump it a bit when it was first done, but recently it looks so angry and quite noticeable to the point where I just wanna take the piercing out but Iím scared that may cause more problems. Iím not sure how to upload an image but it does look more like than irritation bump than a keloid (from pictures Iíve seen) but surfing google images isnít exactly reliable or calming me down lol. I clean it every day with sea salt and warm water but yesterday I applied some tea tree oil and did the dumb thing of scraping off the top layer of the bump! Probably irritated it more,dumb idea I know, it did become more noticeable after that. Any advice would be great as Iím genuinely really worried, Iím worried of taking it out and Iím worried of it being a keloid. Thank you for any help itís greatly appreciated!