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    Hi, it’s been a awhile since I posted here. A lot has happened. I been thinking about gauging my ears during this whole quarantine. I don’t want to eventually reach an extreme diameter. My goal is to eventually have my first holes with a good amount of time to be around the size of a penny? Maybe? Possibly smaller. Though even with the small amount of stretch I’m worried about my other piercings on my ear lobes will they be in the way? or change because of the stretching. I do have spacing but it concerns me.

    Someone told me it would be easier and less of a cost to gauge at home with a proper kit. Also with the whole Covid it might be a better option for me. Though I’m really new at gauging. So any tips and tricks and would be great.

    Questions I also have are: What kind of kit should I look for/buy? And what should I buy with the kit? How long does it take to go up a size? <<< something I definitely want to know because I don’t want to accidentally go too quick and tear something. I know these things take time though. I just want to play safe.
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