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Thread: Ten Years Later and a Fond Farewell

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    Default Ten Years Later and a Fond Farewell

    It's with a heavy heart that I'm saying goodbye to the BJS forums as admin and can't say if I'll post here much again if at all. I found this site in 2009 when researching getting my first "proper" piercing, a VCH believe it or not! It lead me to an amazing piercer who I've seen grow over the last 10 years. This site was bustling with amzing people from the older guy with just one piercing to the teen with 50+, from countries all over the world, from varying backgrounds and walks of life. I made so many friends, people in the US, South Africa, Scotland, Wales, you name it. I've seen people who met on here get married, have kids, go on holiday together, move in with one another, fall in love, fall out of love, we've loved and even sadly lost members here as well. I have loved all the meets I created and attended, they were literally amazing.

    Some of these people I met are still my friends today, I've been a bridesmaid at a wedding in Scotland, I had a whole table of you at my own wedding, I'm going to South Africa in December to be a bridesmaid for another forumite, I've been welcomed into so many lovely people's homes, lives and families and I'm so grateful for it. I've also been really grateful when I was asked to help moderate and then to be an admin. The vast majority of people never caused any problems. However over the past few years people have grown, got busy, made families, got jobs, got hobbies that keep them busy. Many turn to more modern forms of chat such as social media etc. So although I've been here, although I check most days to see how the forum is getting on I'm not really doing much in the capacity of admin and the little I do say can very occasionally cause a stir which has never been my intention.

    I thank you all for being on this ride with me whether it was from the start or from yesterday. I started out here with no modded friends and a desire for a VCH. I've now been pierced over 50 times and have around 105 hours of tattoos on me. I love my mods, my experiences and I love those of you who were there with me. But now it's time for a change.

    If anyone wants to stay in touch please PM me and we'll take it from there.
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    Hey Boo,

    I'm actually very sad to read this. I've been with you all the way and although we've never met, feel I know you.
    I remember the good old days when we had forum meets and the forums were a vibrant interesting place. Facebook has killed that although I do think that piercings are less popular than they once were.

    I appreciate all your work as admin over the years, the great advice and your patience dealing with the endless basic questions!
    I worry about the future of the forums now and fear the inevitable which also saddens me.
    I feel very alone - I've got no real world pierced friends and need to connect with like minds. This place helped with that.

    Anyway - a huge personal thank you from me and I wish the best for you and yours in the future.

    Yvonne. x
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    Hi Boo,

    Many thanks for all of your help and advice through the years I have been a member on here. I will miss seeing you about! I also appreciate your work and tying to help us all. I can understand why you won't be posting though (this is still sad to read). - I often think that you are "Super Woman" lol... I don't know how you manage to fit everything in! - E.g:- life, family, health, work and here.

    I sadly wasn't here in the good old days. It sounded a great place to be. Glad you have met some decent friends on here and have had meet up's etc...

    Very best wishes to you!

    Marie. x
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    Hey Hazel

    Sorry about this. You've been so fab on here. I've always enjoyed reading your advice, you've helped so many people, including me.

    Fi xx
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    Now seems like an appropriate time to use my all-time favourite smiley
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