I got a nostril piercing a few months ago (4 or so). I went with a ring and the piercer said there wouldn't be much issue with it if im careful not to move it around too much. Obviously it was a bad choice, it got pretty injured during sleep, putting clothes on etc. After a few weeks of getting it done i developed a pimple looking growth right next to it, piercer said it was an irritation bump but just in case first told me to use an antibiotic cream for a few days and go back to get checked. Got checked, she told me to stop using that cream and told me to use hydrocortisone based cream for a bit and go back. Thing is i was busy and dumb as shit and overused the hydrocortisone cream and the issue seemed to be going down so i never went until a few weeks ago the pimple came back much larger and filled with either pus or lymph fluid. I went to the piercer she cleaned it up and drained it. She said there's no need to change the jewellery because it seemed the problem was localised and there was no issue with the piercing itself. She told me to leave it alone and not put anything to it. But since the draining it got better for a bit but swell up again and i wasn't in town and there are no good piercers where i was so i went to a pretty expensive dermatologist who did pretty much the same thing the piercer did and drained it but took loads of money for it. Anywho i told the piercer i want to try changing it to a stud and will go do that tomorrow. Thing is i don't additionally want to pay for new jewlery if it's gonna stay the same. She only has surgical steel piercings but i don't think i'm allergic (i have other surgical steel piercings).

So what is the smartest thing to do? I can't go to another piercer because my country 1. doesn't have any app studios 2. the studio i go to is the oldest running and i don't wanna go to the new ones
Should i just tell her to take it out completely? Should i go with a free option and let her put in a bioplast retainer, or should i get a surgical steel stud?