So I got both my daiths and 2 in each lobe about 2 weeks ago. My piercer used titanium 16 gauge bars for all piercings and recommended I use bactine and H2Ocean or make my own saline solution with cotton swabs around the holes. I've been using all of it a few times daily and have stopped bleeding completely. I am also a back sleeper and have a neck pillow to keep my ears elevated so as not to put pressure on the piercings. My daiths are still very sore. I don't think they're swollen but they certainly ache enough for me to have gone through a whole bottle of motrin within these last 2 weeks. Was just curious how long til they aren't so sore? I know they'll take 6 months to a year to heal but was hoping they'd at least let up before I OD on OTC medications.