I had my nostril pierced early September 2019. Straight away I had issues with a bump which went down significantly after a few months but was still there. I am currently wearing a stud. The bump had gone down by about December but the area around the piercing is constantly red and there was still a small bump/lump/general uneven skin where the piercing hole is.
last week I accidentally knocked the piercing and it bled. Now the bump has gone huge and very inflamed again. I had stopped rinsing with salt water every day by about December and was just washing the piercing in the shower, however since the bump is now big again should I do salt water soaks every day again?
also, will the bump ever go away? Is there a time scale where this generally happens? Or will it always be a case of, it begins to get better, then it gets irritated and gets worse, etc.
Iím honestly getting to the point now where nothing seems to work - even when the piercing has looked itís best in terms of the healing process, the skin around it is always bright red and there is always a small bump/ scar tissue around it so it never sits flat to my skin. I want to take the piercing out if this is what itís always going to look like. It isnít worth it , it looks gross. Should I give it a couple more months to see what happens or is this it Ďhealedí? Will the bump/redness go away if I take it out?
thanks !