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Thread: Help!! Is my nipple piercing rejecting?

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    Default Help!! Is my nipple piercing rejecting?

    Hey guys,

    I seriously need some help/advice..
    So I got my nipples pierced about a year and a half ago, and I got them pierced at (i think) 12g, I asked my piercer to pierce with heavy gauge (i liked how it looked)

    And recently, the right piercing hole on my right nipple kept getting this blood-blister like sore, however SSS eventually cleared it up, however there was a slight tear where the bar and skin meet. Now it oozes, bleeds and scabs quite a lot. Im afraid it might be rejecting?

    I havent had much experience with any of my other piercing rejecting (other than my eyebrow), but my nipples are flat so the only thing I could think of was rejection..

    I downsized to try and save them, 14g, and Im hoping they return to normal. I will be seeing my piercer in two weeks, until then, I just want to ask on here to see what you guys think, and know what I can do?

    I took a photo before I soaked and cleaned it this morning, so I added a photo and scribbled most of the contents out incase it gets flagged :P lol

    Any advice and information would be greatly appreciate it, Help me save my nip!! lol

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