i have ampallang piercing for about 20 years.
i stretched piercing to 3,2mm 5 years ago, that was very painful experience, but everything was fine after some time.
but whenever i removed jewelry for some time i need taper to return it through hole.
i’m not sure about situation in urethra, from beginning i think that my piercer ‘scratch’ urethra on one side so after many years my jewellery probably ingrown fully into glans tissue. But that position is probably not important for my question.

i talked with my wife and since we change some things in our sexual life we decided that I remove that piercing permanently. unfortunately on one side there is some kind of scar, some bubble of tissue, maybe 1-1,5 mm thick and is half circle around top of jewelry. Is hard to describe this with my bad english but i can’t attach photo.
My most important question is...can i just remove jewelry and let it heal or i need to do something with that scar before removing? Will that heal without infection or something since piercing tunnel is relatively long?

is it better to ask same question on aftercare forum section?