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    I知 from Croatia.
    more or less i知 into body modifications for more than half of my life (i知 38 now)
    my first piercing was ampallang and it was first official ampallang in Croatia i did that 20 years a go few months after my 18th birthday.
    Later i did both nipples and two relatively big arm tattoos.
    my wife share similar love to those things, she have VCH, 4x outer labia 5mm, double navel, 2x nipple on 3mm, tongue, earlobe stretched to 6mm and industrial, she also have few tattoos.
    i guess that痴 enough for introducing

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    Welcome Clansman. For a minute there I thought you were a fellow Scot.
    Got: double snakebites|central lip|labret|1.6mm and 5mm tongue|philtrum|angel bites|smiley|septum|3 pairs nostrils|3 pairs eyebrows|bridge|15 & 16 (l&r) lobe/cartilage, rook, 2x tragus, 3x forward helix, conch (both ears symmetrical)|3x navel (74 holes in total)Want: Everything, slowly building up my piercings over time.Next up: venoms; maybe something genital

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