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    The beginning of this month I start the piercing project that is my right ear.


    After getting another set of high nostrils and having them for 3 months I decided I needed a new piercing. I put the snug in what I call "dead" space part of my ear. I'm not 10 days in and not it hurts. It's currently swollen, at times red and has it's own heartbeat. I wouldn't describe getting the piercing painful as much as it was more pressure related. My piercer did go over the many complications and general fussiness of the type of piercing.

    Because of the fussiness I went with the basic silver jewelry and as it heals I'll change the tips out to match my faux black opals. I was getting getting over being sick when I got it pierced and was taking Ibuprofen regularly but then I stopped. Thats when it became swollen. I restarted taking Ibuprofen to see if it helps with the swelling and pain.

    I clean its daily with a normal saline wound wash to remove the crust and if it's feeling especially irritated I'll try a sea salt soak. When it hurts I definitely almost regret it. I don't know if I ever had any other of my piercings hurt this bad. I can't obviously lay on my side. Travel pillow method doesn't work for me. But I'm going to stick it out for the long haul and end up with a hopefully healed piercing.
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