Hi all.
just a quick update... I went back to the place I had it done and they swapped it for a stud. It was immensely painful (more painful than the actual piercing itself), it now looks absolutely awful and the piercer said that the bump on the inside is meaning Iím having to have a longer bar than I should, which could do it more harm than good. She said I should come back in a few days when the bump has gone down so she can swap it to a smaller bar so it can sit tighter to the nostril I guess? But obviously now my nose is super irritated and the bumps are even bigger and I donít know what to do about the one on the inside. Apart from clean with saline solution but that does absolutely nothing it seems. Iím starting to think I should just take it out, it honestly looks awful and itís embarrassing, I regret having it done so much. Is it worth even trying to stick with it or will it just constantly be a cycle of getting irritated, bump, irritated, bump; etc. The worst thing is with the ring the bump was just above the piercing but now the stud is ON the bump so it doesnít even lie flat to my nose and itís sticking out?!