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    Default Headphones recommendations

    Hi all
    hope this is the right forum to ask, I did a search and couldn’t find the answer.

    im looking for recommendations for wireless in ear headphones that work with a tragus or daith piercing (daith in one ear, Tragus in the other) and I have a conch on both sides.

    preferably less than $100 (ie not some fancy $600 ones like Bose or other expensive brands).

    thank you
    L: conch, forward helix, daith, outer conch
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    Hi, It’s the same problem here. I hope you didn’t mind me posting this on to your thread. I didn’t want to post another nearly the same. Has anyone on here tried wireless bone conduction headphones? Are they Tragus piercing friendly please? I have only just found out about these headphones. I haven’t been able to listen to my music headphone wise for years as too many healing piercings.
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