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Thread: What is wrong with my septum piercing??

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    Default What is wrong with my septum piercing??

    I got my septum piercing done a little over 2 months ago. I trusted the piercer because I did a lot of research on them and they had really good reviews and has been piercing for like 20+ years and from the pictures that I saw of their work I thought they would do a good job with my septum. So when I showed up everything was good, the shop was clean and looked professional, and the piercer checked out okay. But when I was actually about to get pierced I started to worry. The dude hardly cleaned my nose and didn't really even feel around for the sweet spot. He just kinda poked the inside of my nose one or two times with the clamp and decided where to pierce. He then went ahead and pierced it and it hurt like hell and I think he was having trouble getting the needle through which hurt even more. But anyway he gets the needle through and gets ready to put the jewelry in which I didn't notice until that point that I didn't even get to choose my jewelry and I don't even know what material my ring is made out of. So then the jewelry is in and he's cleaning up and he didn't even clean up my bloody nose at all just gave me a tissue because my eyes were really watery but I had some blood dripping down my nose which I cleaned myself when I got home. Awful experience that I had with that piercer and I'm never going back nor recommending him to anyone I know. Anyway my nose was swollen and tender and hurt like hell for weeks. Doesn't hurt now at all but I have two bumps on my piercing that I can't get rid of. They will get smaller but then just get bigger over and over again, but they just won't go away and I don't know what to do at this point anymore. I don't want to have to take it out because I love my septum piercing but if I have to take it out and get it re pierced I guess I'll have to. But if there is something else that I can do I would love to know because I am out of ideas to make it better.

    So twice a day for 6-8 mins at a time I soak my nose in warm water with sea salt, then I rinse with cold water and soak again in cold water for about 1-2 mins, then I dry my nose carefully with toilet paper, and THEN I spray with this sterile saline spray that I got from walmart. I don't move or touch my piercing or even stick my fingers in my nose AT ALL unless I'm cleaning it and it hasn't been smacked or pulled or tugged or any trauma like that. I used to use q tips to help clean inside my nose and around the jewelry but I don't anymore.

    Here are some pics for reference of how much sea salt/water I use and the saline spray that I use:

    Here are some pictures of my nose:

    Is it infected?, irritated?, pierced in the wrong spot?, am I not taking care of it properly?, do I need to change the jewelry?
    if you can help me at all I would really appreciate it because sadly I'm ready to just take my septum out and be done with it if I can't get these bumps to go away.
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    Go see an APP registered piercer who can assess you in person. Could be placement, could be the material, could be both. It does look low but without seeing you in person and having a good look/feel it's impossible to advise.

    Stop using so much saline/soaking. Try soaking it once a day or just rinsing it in the shower or with the NeilMed stuff once.
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