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    Quote Originally Posted by Boo View Post
    It's no problem.

    InkMarked - quality of the tattoos are extremely poor imo
    I Am Ink - Adam: Quality is all over the place, some look good whilst others seem poor. I don't think he'd be great at the kind of stuff you're into Nikki: Average quality imo
    Rose and Dagger - Matt: Good with old school, bold lines/colour. Realism not so much imo. Nicole: Okay with some colour/cartoon work, seems to be a bit hit/miss.

    The studio I go to is one room and it has one door that goes onto the main road. However, they are private/by appt only so you can't just walk in. Plus the room is huge.

    I'll look to see what else I can find for you.
    Thank you for letting me know. You are really lucky about people not just walking in all of the time when you are being tattooed and it is more private. The rooms around here are often small and near the road and no privacy. What do you think of Unix Tattoo (Kettering) please? I think he is only on Facebook now-a-days. Pure Class (Wellingborough) isn't bad but, I have tried in the past to contact him many times and you can never get through. E-mail is the same.

    Fatfugu has won awards for the last couple of years. (I'm going to find out more if they are upstairs and if they will tattoo me as I'm already tattooed).
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    Left side - Ear Lobes 1,2,3 Daith, Helix, Rook, Lower Conch.

    Right side -Ear Lobes 1,2,3 Daith, "Paw" print piercing on the flat of my ear, Tragus, Nostril, Helix and Eyebrow. "Shen Men" piercing, Triple Forward Helix.

    Retired - Right Eyebrow's x2. Left Double Tragus - sadly! :(

    Quite a few Tattoo's.

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