This morning I had a small whitehead pimple next to my month-old piercing. I might have made a big mistake by attempting to 'pop' it, and now think that the pimple may be inflamed. I don't think the piercing is the cause, but am concerned about what adverse reactions my new piercing may have depending on how I treat it going forward. If the condition does not improve I plan on consulting with a physician, but wanted to know ahead of time what special considerations need to be taken given that not all doctors have extensive knowledge on piercing. Due to the holiday I won't be seeing my piercer or doctor for a couple days, and I don't want to do anything that might cause further problems in the meantime. My aftercare has been washing with Softsoap in the morning and sea salt soaks at night. This piercing is one of my favorites and I am very worried. Thanks in advance for the advice.