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Thread: Rejected once, would it reject again?

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    Unhappy Rejected once, would it reject again?

    So around last August ( i think) i got my lower belly button pierced, it looked right but never really wanted to heal well, kept getting red (not painful, just red around the holes) and i startred noticing more and more of the bar is visible. Getting titanium piercing is super hard in my town, piercers almost always only use steel (but the place i usually go to started finnaly offering some titanium jewelry, yeah, we are a few years behind England in piercing culture) so i though screw it, my upper belly button healed fine with steel what could go wrong (yes you can laugh now). I had the upper one for 8 years and besides a little migration due to wearing heavy jewelry (it's just so i have to wear a 10mm bar instead of the regular 12) but it's fine, no flareups, more migration, nothing, probably my best healed jewelry.
    But the lower.... it's rejecting, the bar is black and so well visible under the skin, i constantly have crusties and the worst as it rejected it's very crooked now also the bar always twists 90 degrees to the side. So really it looks awful, the only reason it's still in is the emotional attachment.
    If i take it out, get a titanium bar and get it re-done, do i have any chances of it not rejecting? Sadly the lower part of my belly button is not as pronounced as the top so the skin has less of an edge/curve that the piercing can go under.
    I had the lower half of my industrial reject, we re-pierced it with a titanium jewelry a little higher, it's been 3 or 4 years and it's fine but i don't want to get my hopes up too much. I also considered a dermal anchor but i'd prefer a piercing i can take out in case i need it.

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    Everyone's anatomy is different but generally...

    The lower edge of the navel is usually less pronounced than the top so a lower navel piercing is usually more like a surface piercing.
    It is therefore more likely to reject.

    There is a school of thought that the scar tissue helps prevent migration if repierced - my second attempt at a regular navel piercing backs this theory up but everyone is different.
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