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    I got my first tattoo yesterday, but I'm starting to worry because it's super red, it hurts like hell (mostly when I touch it) and my entire forearm is swollen (the veins in my wrist are normally very visible, but not anymore). Oh, the tattoo artist made shadows with multiple needles at the same time where the blood is blotchy.
    Do ignore my self-harm scars. They have been healed for years and I'm doing much better now.

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    Hi sorry this reply will not be great as on my mobile phone. Please don’t worry it looks like you may have bruising. Ibuprofen may help. You could try a packet of frozen peas on it. But please never directly on to your skin put in a tea towel around the peas no longer than five mins say three times a day for a couple of days. Last Christmas I had one that swelled up that really did hurt. It very nearly put me off totally. Well done that you feel much better now!

    Could anyone else advise better than me please?
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    Hi Rebeccaxhealy,
    Sorry for not replying sooner as I've been away from any tech for a week. I hope it is settling down a little for you now as it has been a couple of days since posting. Mazzy has given some good advice.
    Did your artist advise you about the aftercare and how scar tissue can become very sensitive? Whilst generally it is fine tattooing scars it is usually necessary to go deeper to set the ink due to the irregularities in the epidermis, dermis or even hypodermis. This often causes much more trauma and can make it very painful and sensitive. Swelling is common with all tattoos and keeping it elevated will help.
    If there are signs of deep redness spreading up your arm or any nasty smells then personally I would consider seeking medical advice or at the very least checking in with your artist who may refer you if needs be. If you were tattooed by a good artist in a quality studio and you have been careful with your aftercare then I suspect things will be just fine with time if they are not already feeling alot better.
    Keep us posted on your healing and I hope it heals quickly for you

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