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Thread: Transgendered

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    So, transgender activist Munroe Bergdof gets removed from her appointment with NSPCC due to a sustained hate campaign from TERF activists.

    A superb analysis if you are interested here -

    Sad that an organisation like the NSPCC can be duped so easily.

    And proof that you shouldn't believe anything you read on social media or elsewhere.
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    Really sad for Munroe and devastating for those young people who may have felt more able talk about their feelings knowing they had a figurehead to inspire them to gain access to services designed to protect their vulnerabilities.
    We are all human beings and should be living without any discrimination at all!
    As for the NSPCC.... They appear like they've shut the door on some youngsters who need to connect to a support network. I'm sure they haven't but it's not a good message for them.
    These TERF's may be a minority but they are jerks doing more damage than good! They need to get a life and grow up!!

    On a less angry note.... The twitter analysis does make interesting reading
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    Shame on you NSPCC! Sorry, to hear this is happening. It has been on the news a few times this morning. Perhaps some child or children would like to speak to Munroe for help and advice. I really think TURF's and co. will backfire - given time.
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