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Thread: Been a while just showing off my high nostril piercings

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    Default Been a while just showing off my high nostril piercings

    About 3 weeks ago I got myself a set of high nostril piercings. My lower nostril piercings are uneven to begin with so wasn't sure of adding the high nostrils would make them look even more uneven. Some pain but nothing too bad. Hard blowing my nose with them freshly pierced. But i absolutely love them. Minimal swelling involved and so far very little issue with them. My piercer wants me back at the 1 month mark to check everything.

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    Left ear: 4 Lobe piercings, 2 Cartilage, Conch, Double Forward Helix, Antitragus and Vertical Industrial
    Right ear: 3 Lobe piercings, Auricle, Helix, Conch x2, Snug and Forward helix
    Facial: Double Lower and Upper Nostril, Septum, Vertical labret and Philtrum
    Want: Everything
    Retired: Naval x2, Right Nostril, Anti-Tragus, double high nostrils and multiple lobe/Auricle piercings
    Tattoos: None but I want some.

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