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Thread: Belly button piercing problem

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    Unhappy Belly button piercing problem

    hello everyone!

    I got my belly button pierced about two months ago with a shorter bar due to my anatomy. Thoughout the two months the bottom hole healed beautifully however the top is pink and constantly irritated. It gets dry easily and oozes sometimes a whitish pale yellow liquid that crusts yellowish. The soreness went away for a bit and right now its super sore to touch and sometimes i can feel the soreness when i sit. I have mostly been cleaning with saline solution. In the beginning i used h2ocean but it wasnt really doing anything to help the redness/pink under the top ball. Im mostly concerned about the soreness i currently have and the oozing as it has been two months. The bottom hole looks perfect and there is no “spread out” redness, is there anyway this sounds like its an infection? Im supposed to be going to mexico in a few days and dont want to worry about infection when im away ... maybe im overcleaning it? Also the skin seems to be abit puffy under the top ball too along with the fact that its pink but also looks fleshy when wet
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