Hurrah! After thinking about getting a Prince Albert piercing for over 2 years I eventually summoned up the courage and had the piercing done nearly 2 years ago. I loved it straight away and wish Iíd not prevaricated that whole previous 2 years. Anyway, over time Iíve slowly been stretching the size of ring from an initial 2.4mm BCR to the goal I had when I started which is 5mm. I was able to slip it in with no tapering last week and have been loving it since. Until I got to 4mm I was only using titanium rings, but with 4 and now 5mm Iíve gone with steel BCRs and I just love the additional weight.
Now that Iíve reached my goal Iím not sure whether to go larger or not, but for now Iím loving my 5mm BCR ring.
Now Iím thinking about a lorum or hafada.
Just thought Iíd share as this forum has been very helpful to me over the years.