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Thread: New Nose Piercing

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    So, hey is me again. I hate to bring back old threads but I wanted to give another update. So as I said on the last post I left the screw surgical steel nose jewelry that the piercer put in and the bump gradually went away. I didn’t feel any allergic reaction too it my nose wasn’t hot or itchy. <<< so I thought it couldn’t be an issue here.

    The screw jewelry I would assume is proper nose jewelry choice ( screw or labret as I’ve been told are proper choices?) was not working for me from the beginning though not because of an allergic reaction but from how long it was and how it would move tremendously side to side in my nose with out touching it. Also the diamond part I noticed kinda poked at the skin where the bump initially was on that one particular side.

    Then as soon as the bump was gone it came back the same spot once the jewelry happened to snag on something one day. It showed me that the piercing was still not fully healed as it was sore and bled a lot. I was so fed up with the jewelry I took it out with a lot of difficulty and replaced it with a titanium nose bone ( yes I know it’s not proper but it was the only thing I had and it was the better option than going back to the screw). << at least this stays put doesn’t move.

    The bump is practically almost gone now again no pain or discomfort which is like a finally for me. But I think I have to get a labret put in maybe as the bone tends to fall out if I’m not careful. But I have to say better than painfully snagging though. Omg I never want to be fitted with a screw again!!! First off it didn’t even fit in my nose it was so long that it was either really out hooking over or really in my nose that it was uncomfortable. It was constantly swerving all over the place making it longer for things to heal.

    The only issue now is that I have no where to go to to change this. As as said time again no proper piercers near me. Everyone around me pierces with surgical steel. Like I even shared my worries with the piercer that did my nose I told her the jewelry felt uncomfortable but she said that is fine.
    So now I have to be on the search for a nose labret to put in myself
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