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    Unhappy Earlobes Infected

    Hi. I have been having a lot of trouble with my earlobe piercings. I have had them re-done four times now. The first two were with the gun and when I was much younger first done at age 12 then again at 15 after getting badly infected from someone biting my ear. My lobes were sensitive but healed fine. I just knew I couldnít wear cheap jewelry. When I was 30 I went to Thailand and they got infected whilst there so I just took my earrings out and the piercings closed up. So two years ago I went for round 3 this time with a professional body piercer and a needle. He pierced through the same hole as previous and at the same time did my nose. My nose healed beautifully and I have never had an issue. My ears on the other hand didnít and after much consultation with my body piercer we decided to remove the jewelry let them heal and try another spot. Fast forward 12 months to November and I had them done again in a new spot. I am still having the same issue as last time. There is a lump around each piercing that is full of puss. I am still bathing my ears in salt water four months later. Does anyone have any suggestions? I should also mention that I have lupus (controlled by plaquinel) but I am surprised that my nose healed fine and my lobes are causing all the issues.
    Sorry for the long post and many thanks for taking the time to read it.

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    Hi Rewild,
    Sad to hear you've had a bad time with your lobes. The Lupus can obviously be a contributory factor with it being an autoimmune problem. It may be that your ear lobes which have alot of blood vessels are being targeted by overactive antibodies. Is this a possibility do you think?
    What material is your jewellery? If it's metal then make sure it is implant grade high quality mirror finish titanium. Another thought would be to get your piercer to change them out for some quality bioplastic or ptfe studs (not acrylic) as your immune system may not see them as a threat and back off a bit. Might be worth looking into. Also may be stop the saline spray as it might be adding to the problem after this amount of time with no improvement. Just clean with well boiled, cooled water and see how it goes by keeping it simple.

    Maybe it's worth asking your Lupus Specialist for advice too?
    The above is just a few ideas for you to research and not professional advice.
    Fingers crossed for you to find a solution

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    I suggest to go back and see your piercer. An in-person assessment sounds like it's needed. I assume they know about your medical history?
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    Hope you are getting on fine and have seen your piercer for advice. I have got a couple of autoimmune illnesses and have found Bio-Flex very helpful. It has saved quite a few piercings.
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