Finally plicked up the courage to have my daith done at the place ive always been to. A lady in there was picking some jewellery for her child and heard me asking for the piercing. Once i was pierced i was just leaving and she said be careful as she had hers done a while back and it fell out that night. Now ive never had a problem with any of my jewelry they are a reputable place with fab reviews but this made me think because all the pictures ive seen on there site of daith piercing are done with a hoop and i had mine done with curved bar and so did this lady. So im just panicked abit now that it might fall out. I love the new piercing so will be gutted if it does. I obviously don't want to touch it to check its tender and dont want to cause infections. What are rhe chances itll fall out? The way she was tugging says she did it pretty damn tight lol. Also do you think i should clean it tonight or leave it until tomorrow. Ive bought some prontolind spray as when i used salt water before it really dried my skin and made it sore and irritated. Ive heard good reviews too any other advice you have for a daith would be much appreciated