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Thread: Industrial piercing stopped hurting

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    Default Industrial piercing stopped hurting

    Is that normal?
    I had it done one week ago and it hurt like hell all the time, even without touching it. You know how it feels when your heart beats really fast? That's what I felt in my ear, but with pain. My mom even bumped it on Sunday and it started bleeding.
    Now suddenly, nothing. I can even touch it and it won't hurt, though it's a little bit itchy.
    I admit, I haven't cleaned it properly. I only did the SSS method once a day instead of twice, and I skipped two days.
    It seems suspicious.

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    Lucky you (so far)... Sometimes less is more but remember it's best not to touch it unless necessary and be aware that it could flare up anytime as its pretty new. Cartilage piercings often take 6-12 months and often much longer to heal properly.
    Hope it does behave for you though .

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