i got my earlobes pierced on 31/10/18. Iíve never had any other piercings so I didnít know what to expect but I wish Iíd never got them done now :( I didnít change the earring until it had been at least 8 weeks, and even then I changed them back to studs a few hours later. I bathed them in salt water for 5 minutes 2 x a day up until about 3 weeks ago, and when Iím showering I always give them a rinse too. The problem is, they just arenít healing at all. Iíve changed the studs to small hoop sleepers now, because itís more comfortable. They are titanium earrings so Iím pretty sure the jewellery is not whatís irritating me. Whenever I try to put another pair of earrings in, it just hurts me and then they bleed / leak pus for the next few days. Today I woke up, after having about 2 weeks of the piercings being Ďnormalí and not swollen or painful, and my right one was swollen and leaking pus (and painful). The left one is fine, the right one has always been worse. I have started to do salt baths again but itís just annoying because I do want to get more piercings but if my body canít even handle lobe piercings then I really donít want to waste my money getting more if itís gonna be this much effort each time :( I just want to know if thereís anything I can do to stop this from happening or why it might be happening? Itís been 4 months and my lobes still arenít anywhere near healed.