Well I did it. I couldn't believe the day was here or that I was going through with it. I really just had to make that appointment, knowing I 'could' cancel, but once it was made i was excited and the thought of canceling felt disappointing.

I arrived 10 minutes early. Filled out some paperwork, met my highly recommended piercer and entered the room. We talked about gauge and quickly I stripped down, was laying on the table as she carefully marked me for a PA and a lorum.

(I never thought I'd have a PA, despite wanting one for 10 years. Now I as getting 2 piercings down there at one time!)

The lorum was first. It was also my very first piercing so I had no idea what to expect. I was nervous and excited for it to be half an hour later so it could be done. The initial anxiety I had about having someone work down there or even just entering a piercing place for a genital piercing did not exist anymore. I was really just nervous for how it would feel now. I didn't want to come across as a wimp and I really am not good with pain, hospitals, blood and what not. Why was I doing this?

After carefully lining things up, breath in, a quick sting while I exhaled and it was done. Lorum pierced and it was very little pain, just a sharp pinch.

Next was the PA. I was thinking this might not be so bad now, but I had read about the discomfort of the receiving tube and how bad it bleeds so I was expecting this one to be a rougher go. After some more inspecting of the marks, in went the receiving tube. Some mild discomfort, but honestly nothing terrible. I could feel she was getting ready to insert the needle, finally she said to take a big breath and in it went. It was sharp, not amazingly painful, but I did twitch my lower half and squeeze my legs together quickly. I had watched a few videos online of some guys getting a PA, seeing them scream pretty good and that had me worried. I am not the toughest with pain and I thought I'd let out a loud sound too, but I didn't. Just that twitch and some laughter. The jewelry going in was a little uncomfortable, but again nothing too too bad.

For someone who had no piercings and didn't know what to expect I have to say I cannot believe I put this off for so so long.

When I stood up she waited for me to bleed more. I didn't. I got dressed, paid, left, drove to the grocery store, looked down and saw a dark stain on my jeans. Looked inside and a good amount of blood as many mentioned. I was ready for it so I was able to deal with it, but yes it does bleed pretty good after. I currently have some gauze packed down there and 6 hours later things seem pretty mild. I changed the gauze 3 times over the past 6 hours before it was no longer staining quickly. I am getting some small amounts still, but pretty low key compared to a few hours ago. Walking around is not the most comfortable. The lorum seems to be pretty pain free. Maybe just feels like the same amount of pain as an uncomfortable zit on the face. The PA still feels stingy and sensitive when it's rubbing moving around in my pants. I expected to be tender there so no biggie, but definitely happy to be sitting for the evening and most of the day at work tomorrow.

I am now thinking the guiche piercing I also wanted might be a reality. I am not worried about the pain or discomfort of having someone work on me down there. I am mostly just considering the healing of that one as I have read half stories of people never feeling fully healed there, risk of infection due to location etc and the other half of the stories people loving them so so much. I cannot see myself doing anything beyond that.

Anyways thanks for the cautious encouragement. I am happy to no longer have my mind consumed every now and then trying to talk myself into this. It is done.