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Thread: Need persuasion for a PA, lorum and/or guiche (when can I remove briefly for sex?)

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    One week update...

    initial thoughts are if I could go through the not so terrible pain of being pierced again and skip the discomfort after I would. Like most reported, 3 days almost exactly and spot bleeding stopped. More annoying was the discomfort and pain of things down there being compressed in pants all day. I remember thinking on day 3 “Why did I do this?”

    Now a week later things look pretty normal, some tenderness, but no extreme discomfort sleeping or going through daily activities. I still have to arrange things properly down there as the wrong placement applies just enough pressure on the piercings and causes some discomfort. But today is the first day I feel unaanoyed by them and don’t really think about them much.

    Looking forward to what week 2 brings.

    One other question to an PA people. Not that I am anywhere near this stage, but just curious. Is there some sort of way of know what length of curved barbell one would be equivalent to in relation to the size of a captive bead? I think it was 3/4” and not sure how that translates to a curved barbell.

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    Glad it is going well for you. Once the bleeding stopped and the piercing was less sore then I found it more comfortable to go commando and let the air get to it more. 3/4 (19mm) is a good size to start with a captive bead as it will allow for any initial swelling plus you'll likely feel it more comfortable when you get turned on . Once healed you may find you can downsize if you want something a little more snug. Mine is at 5/8" (16mm) which is a comfy fit for me and with a 3/4" (19mm) ball fitted it feels quite weighty. I think, and I'm sure someone else can confirm, that curved bar size is measured as a straight line between the balls (end to end of bar itself) so you need to use a size long enough not to impede the performance of your penis in any way. Safest way to tell would be to ask your piercer about the suitable length of bar.
    Mr Mouse may be able to give more clarification as he uses curved bars (as mentioned above).

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    Navel: 10g (2.4mm) BCR
    PA: 4g (5mm) Chunk BCR
    Lorum: 12g (2.0mm) BCR
    Hafada: 2x 10g (2.4mm) BCR

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