6 weeks ago i had my antitragus pierced and today i had my rook and a helix piercing done. These last 2 piercings have completed my left ear. I know i could have started a "my experience" thread on my antitragus but i didnt. But I'll talk about my problematic antitragus and my new rook piercing.

As i said i got my antitragus pierced 6 weeks ago. Any and all current problems are all on me. I picked at the skin and caused a scab. The scab bleed everytime i cleaned it and was so sore. So I started doing my own thing. I was putting triple antibiotic ointment on it. I would wipe it off after a couple of hours. After a couple of days the scab went away and that left pink skin. Then today I noticed that there was a fleshy, squishy and tender bump. My piercer looked at it but said it looked fine that it was looking like its trying to heal. You can see the bump im talking about in the picture.

Today i added a rook to my list of piercings. Again i read how people said it was their most painful piercing they have had. So i never really know what I'm getting myself into. It was a very quick and easy piercing for me. A small pinch and thats it. Even with the adddition of a helix my ear didnt even feel sore afterwards.