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Thread: Tried changing from bone to screw

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    You're welcome Elene
    All the best with the healing.

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    Wow glad you were able to get your nose sorted! Inserting nose screws in a newer piercing is tough. For next time, I’d start with an L-shaped post first. And once you feel comfy with those, try the screw. That’s a bummer the nose bone didn’t work for you. They hurt going in if they’re properly sized, but once in I’ve found they’re so comfortable and very secure. I’ve never lost a nose bone as I’ve lost screws and L-shaped posts. So if you ever dare to try a nose bone again, try a size larger (Tho the original nose bone may fit once the fistula is fully healed. I’ve found new piercings tend to contract a tiny bit over time - which makes sense since there’s a little scar tissue in there and scars want to contract. They usually pierce with a larger gauge than your jewelry since the jewelry needs to fit inside the needle hollow.)
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