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Thread: I don't know what has gone wrong. :(

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    Default I don't know what has gone wrong. :(

    Hi, My tattoo artist left and I found another one and had a tattoo done on Thursday. I don't know what has happened but, it is "Hell". I haven't been tattooed for around six months. The last one was quite a big one on my leg that I couldn't walk properly for just over three weeks - it swelled a little. None of my arm ones have ever looked swollen etc..... The new tattoo is on the outer arm. The tattoo top is nearer to one side near the ditch. When it was nearly fished it was that swollen it looked deformed. It is only going down now and I had trouble to move it and still do. I still have shooting pains going up my arm and it can really burn and sting.

    I told my mum tonight how bad it was getting. I was expecting not much sympathy. I was wrong and was even offered her Cornetto. lol... Bless! (It must be bad).

    Oh, the artist hardly sprayed my tattoo down. Usually they spray my tattoos and they feel really cold and great for a minute. I notice that they used was quite a lot of Vaseline instead to stop the bleeding.

    I am under the Fibro/ME/CFS umbrella and after a tattoo I feel wonderful for around three weeks. But, I feel like pants with this one. Some days I could sit here and cry!

    Could my body have had enough of tattoo's?
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