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Thread: nipple piercing help!!

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    Exclamation nipple piercing help!!

    First, my apologies if I posted this on the wrong thread. I’ve never really been on forums before and I’m not sure what I’m doing.

    Anyways, this is how my right nipple looks like right now:



    I do my salt soaks twice a day, and I’ve had it for four months now. My left nipple looks completely fine and I treat them the same, so I’m not sure what’s gone wrong!! Is this an infection? Please help :(
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    I get this occasionally - not on nipples.

    It should settle down but it could take a long time. I'd suggest either swapping the ring for a bar or a D ring so there is no pressure on the bottom edge of the holes.

    You can probably dispense with the salt soaks - just gentle cleaning with water and maybe some light soap.
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