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    Hi Guys,

    So bit of a weird one, to cut a long story short- I retired my VCH piercing when I became pregnant and thought not a huge amount of it at the time.

    Since I’ve lost my baby weight I’ve missed having sparkly bits and had thought about getting it redone. T

    This evening in the shower I had a look and could clearly see my top hole from where the piercing used to be, I had a small taper and madness took me and I boiled it within an inch of its life, used alcohol wipes on the area and washed my hands like a mad man and gentle I inserted the taper just thinking to myself I’d gently push and see what happened- if I was met with resistance I’d stop and leave it up to the professionals, essentially the taper did indeed go through (taper is up to a 1.6) and I couldn’t believe it (it’s been out for two years). I panicked and found the only curved bit of jewellery I could find which unfortunately happens to be a navel bar, so I again boiled this thoroughly and rewashed my hands and the area and gently inserted the curved bar (which is a lot longer than it needs to be)

    There was no blood, just a pinch and slight tenderness now. Essentially I guess what I’ve done Is stretch an old fissure?? I know navel bars are not suitable for vch’s as the bottom ball can be weighty and prompts migration.

    I also know the whole situation wasn’t ideal with not being in a super sterile environment but I do feel confident I took the best measures I could with the sudden situation of it all. is it normal for genital piercings to never really close up?

    What do do I do now? If I go to a piercer can they swap my navel bar to a more suitable piece of jewellery? :/

    thank you you for your help guys, sorry this is all a bit of a rookie thing, I’d usually always advocate going to a professional otherwise you end up in these pickles ������*♀️

    Ps- navel bar is high quality titanium bar (unfortunately bottom ball is fixed otherwise I’d justness swap it)
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