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Thread: what piercings look good with my small ears?

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    Daith's, Rook's and a Conch or two look good. Also a Paw Print piercing on the flat of the ear too.
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    Left side - Ear Lobes 1,2,3 Daith, Helix, Rook, Lower Conch.

    Right side -Ear Lobes 1,2,3 Daith, "Paw" print piercing on the flat of my ear, Tragus, Nostril, Helix and Eyebrow. "Shen Men" piercing, Triple Forward Helix.

    Retired - Right Eyebrow's x2. Left Double Tragus - sadly! :(

    Quite a few Tattoo's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazzy View Post
    Oh, my word -yv-! And I thought mine were becoming crowded with . 19 lol....
    Check out (and contribute to) the "pictures of your ears" thread and you can see some pics of my ears.

    I'm planning a 3rd pair of inner helix piercings and to even up my lobe/helix piercings - I've got 16 in one ear and 15 in the other and the asymmetry bothers me.
    My right ear is slightly smaller than my left so less space but I think I could get one of my piercings redone slightly higher up and that would let me squeeze a 16th.

    I'd then be dangerously close to 50 ear piercings which is a tempting target...
    Got: double snakebites|central lip|labret|1.6mm and 5mm tongue|philtrum|angel bites|smiley|septum|3 pairs nostrils|3 pairs eyebrows|bridge|15 & 16 (l&r) lobe/cartilage, rook, 2x tragus, 3x forward helix, conch (both ears symmetrical)|3x navel (74 holes in total)Want: Everything, slowly building up my piercings over time.Next up: venoms; maybe something genital

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    I would also take a good look at a lot of different ear piercings and map out what you want.
    Left ear: 4 Lobe piercings, 2 Cartilage, Conch, Double Forward Helix, Antitragus and Vertical Industrial
    Right ear: 3 Lobe piercings, Auricle, Helix, Conch x2, Snug and Forward helix
    Facial: Double Lower and Upper Nostril, Septum, Vertical labret and Philtrum
    Want: Everything
    Retired: Naval x2, Right Nostril, Anti-Tragus, double high nostrils and multiple lobe/Auricle piercings
    Tattoos: None but I want some.

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