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Thread: Is everyone useless?

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    Default Is everyone useless?

    Is it just me or do others feel like nobody can do anything right?

    I do everything I can myself as I just can't find competent people to do anything - either at work or home.
    Sometimes it is dangerous - I had a local heating engineer do some work and he did it wrong meaning I could have had gas escaping through an open pipe into my home.
    Turns out he isn't even gas safe registered...

    Ordered 4 things from a company costing over 1000 - 2 of them are wrong.

    It wastes my time and I've a sore head banging it off the wall!
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    Hi -yv-, We really do know how you feel. That is terrible about the problem you had with a Heating Engineer. Could you have put in a complaint about him not doing his job properly? It is about the same here about nobody can do anything right and they don't often seem to care either. It really makes my blood boil. I spend most of my time being annoyed due to someone not doing things right or letting us down.
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