Hi guys, hoping for a quick bit of advice from you lovely lot!

I had an industrial piercing done on my left ear around 5 weeks ago. I'm well aware this is nowhere near how long it needs to heal so don't worry it's not one of those questions!

My ear swelled slightly a couple of days in but calmed down very quickly. I was following the aftercare advice from my piercer (clean twice a day with cotton buds / q-tips and sterline saline solution). I am getting slight discharge from both peircings, not helped by getting them caught on my hair and also my baby grabbing my ear at one point when winding him, ouch!!! The front piercing has also bled a little in the past day or 2.

I say I "was" following the piercers advice because I in the past week I have increased the number of cleanings a day to 3. The piercings are not sore unless I catch them by accident.

Do I just keep up the aftercare and be patient or is there more I should be doing? I know advice might be "go see your piercer" but I am reluctant at the minute as a friend of mine went in with an aftercare question and he was extremely rude to her despite having a really good reputation and being really friendly at the actual piercing appointment.