Hi all,

So, I had been planning on getting venom piercings but my piercer informs me my veins are large and in the way.

I've thought for a while now I am already too pierced and while I fancy some more, realistically I have enough - like do I really need a 4th pair of eyebrow piercings?
There are some I fancy but just the hassle factor is too much - cheeks and dahlias for instance.

I sort of fancy some surface piercings but not sure about something permanent.

The only other thing left is genitals but as the regulars on here know, I an transgendered and really only indulge piercings when I am in female mode so getting my man bits pierced isn't really of much interest.

So, I'm thinking that might be it for me. I'm at 72 piercings so 75 would be a nice round number so might squeeze another 3 in.
Maybe even go for a genital one as everyone asks what I have down below and don't believe me when I say nothing.

Anyone else got to the same point as me?
What next? I've always fancied a tattoo.