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    I had my anti-Tragus pierced at my local shop about 3 months ago and just recently Iíve developed a lump at the side which has got bigger and bigger as time has gone on. Iím currently trying to get rid of it by soaking it with salt water but nothing seems to be doing the trick. Does anyone have any tips?

    Ive had my Tragus, rook and 2nd/3rd lobes pierced at the same place and the same thing has happened to all of them so Iíve had to take them all out. could it be down to the place Iím getting them done or maybe Iím allergic to the metal? Any help would be greatly appreciated as Iím in a lot of pain :(

    thank you x

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    A lump isn’t sign of an infection..if it’s very hot, red and producing smelly pus then that’s an infection. Do you know what metal you were pierced with? Titanium is the best as that’s the metal used for implants so you won’t react. Next, is the jewellery a hoop or a bar? Bars are usual easier to heal with. I would suggest gong back to the piercing place and asking these questions, also ask if it’s internally threaded if it’s a bar as external threaded can slow down healing.

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    Sometimes it could be the type of jewelry causing the bumps. But I think some people are more prone to bumps more then others. I'm sure rubbing and irritation could cause a bump. I have a vertical labret and the top outer part of the piercing developed a bump. I did sea salt soaks and tried to remove any irritating elements which I think were my glasses. Plus I tried to just leave it alone and it eventually went away after a few weeks.
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