I have had my PA for 2 years now and my normal jewellery of choice is a 4g titanium captive ring. I am uncut and find that this is comfortable under my foreskin. I have stretched to 2g but went back down again after a week of discomfort (I think from the extra weight of the jewellery, and also the overall diameter the ring under the foreskin as I could only find 2g jewellery in a bigger diameter). Anyway - I am now contemplating a second piercing instead, and wonder if any of you can give me ideas as to which way to go:

reverse PA - but then I will have 2 different gauges of metal rubbing against each other in my urethra until the reverse Pa is stretched to the same gauge as the PA - is this a problem? The ultimate aim would be to link them to make an apadravya

Frenum - can this be done with a PA? is it wise if I am uncut?

Ampallang - again, can this be done with a PA?

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance - really looking forward to your feedback and ideas. Also please share your experiences if you have already been through this journey!

thank you.